Optima EAP Strengthens Organizations and Supports Employees 

Are you offering your employees all the benefits they need?

Your employees are a vital part of your company’s success. When employees face personal challenges, those challenges can potentially affect your company.

As a business owner, manager, or human resources professional, do you know how to help your employees when:

  • There is an unexpected death of a co-worker?
  • An employee is dealing with a terminal illness?
  • Morale is low due to an employee’s disruptive behavior?
  • An employee has threatened suicide?
  • There has been a traumatic event on the work site?
  • An employee is showing signs of depression?
  • You suspect an employee is under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance?
  • An employee has asked for your help with a highly personal issue?

Optima EAP knows how to help and we offer you the tools needed to support your employees in a caring, confidential, cost-effective, and professional manner.

Optima EAP is a statewide Employee Assistance Program that provides a full spectrum of services and training. Offering Optima EAP as a benefit to your employees:

  • Provides long-term benefits for your business
  • Decreases your company’s costs by reducing sick leave, errors and employee turnover
  • Promotes your employees’ physical and emotional well-being
  • Supports your company’s management team and human resources professionals by addressing personal problems that might not be appropriate to address in the workplace
  • Establishes a  positive work environment and promotes greater job satisfaction
  • Reduces liability risks

Let Optima EAP show you how to provide positive and cost-effective solutions to your employees’ challenges.

If you are an employee or company currently participating with Optima EAP, please visit our website at optimaeap.com.

For more information about Optima EAP, please call
757-363-6777 or 1-800-899-8174

What employees have to say about Optima EAP:

99.1% - Employees believe that the Optima EAP counselor listened to them and understood their situation.
99.1% - Employees appreciate that their company makes Optima EAP available.
98.3% - Employees were satisfied with the level of customer service provided by the Optima EAP office staff.
98.3% - Employees believe Optima EAP is a useful and helpful resource.